Small Group Intervention

As requested by many parents, we are introducing an additional intervention model at Lexicon Reading Center. While our present one-on-one intervention model has been very successful in advancing the literacy and numeracy level of students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, the cost associated with it has a at times been an impediment to reach many students who need evidence based remediation.


We have now decided to develop an additional intervention model that combines up to 5 students of comparable literacy or numeracy needs in a small group intervention. This significantly reduces the cost for each student as below:

Fee Comparison:


Average Hourly Rate – 1-On-1 Model Average Hourly Rate – Group Class
AED 300 AED 150


Students who choose the small group model will be assigned to a particular group according to a careful analysis of the initial assessment, the student’s functional literacy or numeracy level and their particular learning profiles. Parents can be assured that we continue to deliver a quality remediation by maintaining the quality standard as below:


  •  Following the same research-based, evidence based intervention model as the one-on-one sessions.
  • Individualized measurable goals.
  • Regular progress monitoring checkpoints for students.
  • Significant skills gain.
  • Regular communication with parents and schools.
  • Progress report and meeting at the end of every intervention cycle.