• Overview
  • For Children
  • For Parents
  • For Schools
  • For Society

The center will serve the following communities through its various services:

  • Individuals with learning differences
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Society represented by friends and other family members

Services for children with learning differences

  • Assessment for school children and young adults
  • Individual Educational Plan: tailored to individual student’s special needs, covering areas of reading, spelling, writing and math.
  • Group Activities
  • Follow-up with the school the child attends

Services for Parents

  • Talks and presentations for parents
  • Parents psychological counseling
  • Parent Educational Workshops
  • Parent Educational Community Subscription

Services for schools and Teachers:

  • Consulting Service for schools in relation to which students will benefit from an assessment of their needs
  • Awareness programs for teaching professionals
  • Educational workshops for teachers

Services for Society

  • Peers awareness workshops
  • On going planned educational awareness activities