For Teachers

We understand that while you want to help every child, the classroom model cannot accommodate all learning styles. We offer a variety of support resources for you to consider:


Shadow Teach Training- The aim of this free course is to equip Shadow Teachers with practical strategies to deal with behaviour issues and motivate SEN students in the classroom. The course is a practical introduction to basic behaviour management tools such as reinforcement principles, and safety procedures during meltdowns (if the student is on the autism spectrum).


The training is month-long and normally is offered in October. For complete information:


Free In-School Screening- We offer screening for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. Fully 60% of the students we have screened over the past two years were found to be likely at risk and further action was recommended.


The screening is normally offered in October. For complete information:


Workshops and Seminars- We regularly offer events for educators and parents designed to inform and inspire. Go here for a list of past events and here for upcoming events.