Affordable Subject Tutoring Expertise with UK top Qualified Teachers



As a result of this partnership, Lexicon Reading Center will be able to offer students and parents Lexicon expertise and understanding of each child’s potential and learning style combined with EvoTuition subject expertise and curriculum speciality – through their highly qualified teachers in the British, American and IB curriculum.

All that at an affordable, private, 1-on-1 tutoring hourly rate of AED 160-180.

How Lexicon and EvoTuition Complement Each Other?

  • EvoTuition’s well-established technology framework, combined with Lexicon‘s trained facilitators’ skills, make this new high-quality service accessible as center or home-based sessions.
  • This collaboration will make it possible for Lexicon Reading Center and EvoTuition to broaden access and learning opportunities to more children.
  • Children will benefit from EvoTuition’s British, American and IB curriculum expert tutors.
  • SAT, GCSE, A-level and other exam preparation specialist support by UK top qualified teachers.
  • Sessions are offered as center-based or home-based sessions for convenience.
  • To maximize learning outcomes, sessions are offered in a blended model of a live online tutoring combined with Lexicon trained facilitators.

Ask us about the new modality: a Lexicon onsite trained facilitator combined with an expert tutoring online instruction

About the Partners

Lexicon Reading Center helps children who learn differently and provides guidance to parents and educators on dealing with them. The center provides help for children who learn differently so that they can bridge the gap between conventional teaching methodologies and their unique learning styles to enable them to reach their academic potential.



EvoTuition provides the UK’s best online private tutors who teach from age 7 to 18 with tutors specialising in the British and American curricula, including IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. EvoTuition UK based tutors are highly qualified and experienced with excellent parent and student feedback. The online tuition rooms use high-quality video chat and live interactive whiteboards for a highly effective learning experience. Tutors are ID checked and all lessons are recorded to ensure safeguarding.