Cost-Effective Literacy Solution for Inclusive Schools


Inspired by the recently announced ‘Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework’, Lexicon Reading Center is proud to offer a comprehensive in-school Literacy Solution, which aims at achieving the following main objectives:


  1. Working with schools to identify students with literacy gaps and needs.
  2. Review the identified students IEPs and/or help in developing new targets.
  3. Identifying curriculum differentiation needs for the identified students.
  4. Provide evidence based literacy intervention for students with reading and writing difficulties. A hybrid model of integrated online and offline components for literacy intervention.
  5. Training school teachers and LSAs to play a dynamic role in implementing a successful literacy intervention approach for their students.
  6. Working with schools to build a structured progress monitoring and evaluation system.
  7. Preparation for the next DSIB inspection cycle:
    – Help completing the SEND School Evaluation Form (SEF).
    – Help auditing the school SEN Register.
    – Help developing the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
    – Inspection process orientation and practice.

Program Cost

Number of Students per School Full Academic Year Program Fee per Students.


 How the Program Works

  • We will identify the literacy needs of each child in the program.
  • We will then train your staff to deliver the training and re-train as needed.
  • We provide training to assist you in the inspection process.
  • And we will assist in the documentation required by the next DSIB school inspection.

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