Lexicon Reading Center opened its doors in 2009 to assist children who learn differently.


Our goal was to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and children with learning styles that don’t fall within the parameters of these methods.


We began with programs for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia, and later added Autism.


We employ the Multi-Sensory Teaching Method for children with different learning styles and Applied Behavior Analysis for children with challenging behaviors.


All assessments and interventions are performed by licensed, certified clinical professionals. Yet the environment we invite your child into is far from clinical. It feels comfortable and familiar. Meet our team below… Our goal is first that your child feels understood and welcomed. And next to that he or she builds confidence and satisfaction. We achieve this by allowing him or her to experience learning success in ways that honor their learning style, or to experience success by learning and practicing new daily living, social and academic skills.


It has been the privilege of a lifetime to watch children leave happy, confident, life-long learners. And nothing reflects our commitment to your child more than Rudolf Stocking’s recent Princess Haya Award for 2016/2017 Outstanding Educational Psychologist.


For complete information about our assessment process, please email us at info@lexiconreadingcenter.org, complete the inquiry form or call us: 0971507954428


Meet The Team

Our team consists of highly
qualified professionals with
extensive experience in
assessment and research