• We Help Children

    Specially, children who learn differently, to achieve their full potential. We make use of their unique learning styles to help them overcome the challenges of traditional learning.

  • We help Teachers

    Understand how to deal with children with learning difficulties. Through the use of strategies, techniques, programs, seminars and more.

  • We Help Parents

    Of differently-enabled children understand the special needs of their child, and how to deal with it more effectively.

  • Lexicon Reading Center

    Helping children with learning difficulties learn better. Helping parents of such children cope better. Helping teachers of such children handle them better.

Lexicon Reading Center helps individuals who learn differently understand their learning styles.
This understanding will enable them to utilise their potential abilities and talents to achieve success
in academic performance and be lifelong learners.

For Parents and Children

  • Know more about learning differences
  • What can I do?
  • Services overview for parents and children

What’s New

At Lexicon Reading Center children feel understood and welcomed which are the basic building blocks

For Teachers

  • What can teachers do?
  • Practical classroom tips
  • Common myths
  • Services overview for teachers and schools

Meet The Team

Our team consists of highly
qualified professionals with
extensive experience in
assessment and research